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Company Profile

Technica Labs & Pharma Pvt Ltd is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations, both therapeutic and prophylactic. We are a WHO GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) accredited company and manufacture generic biological/non-biological medicines.


Our manufacturing unit is located in Haridwar (in the state-of-the-art Industrial Estate developed by State Infrastructure & Industrial Development Corporation of Uttrakhand Ltd.) and is equipped with all necessary facilities required to formulate export quality pharmaceutical drugs.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing plant conforming to WHO Good Manufacturing Practices has all the necessary equipment, qualified and experienced professionals and sufficient manufacturing capacity for formulating and shipping high quality medicines with short lead times. We manufacture diverse finished formulations (both beta and non-beta lactam) such as tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions, dry syrups, powders, lotions and external preparations such as hand sanitizers, disinfectants, soaps (both liquid and bar soaps).

We meticulously build quality into our products at each step right from vendor selection, procurement, packaging design, formulation design, manufacturing and in-process controls. There is no compromise with the efficacy, safety and shelf life of our products.


Quality Control & Assurance

At Technica Labs & Pharma Pvt. Ltd., quality is a commitment that overrides all other considerations. Our independent Quality Assurance and Quality Control department is equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments and trained personnel who ensure high standards of quality are adhered to at every step of the manufacturing cycle from inception to final packaging.

Documentation of all aspects of raw material analyses, in-process quality control, finished goods quality control is carried out and carefully monitored to ensure medicaments of highest quality, efficacy and purity. We lay special emphasis on compliance with GMP/GLP standards through detailed SOPs, logbooks, validation, specifications, stability test studies, internal and external audits.​

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